About Us

The approach being followed by Sonax Projects & Consulting is to add value to the business and projects of its clients. Sonax Projects & Consulting assists clients throughout the total project cycle, ranging from needs analysis and problem definition stages to the development of appropriate solutions, design and implementation, as well as operation, maintenance and management of infrastructure.

Sonax Projects & Consulting continuously aims to:

  • provide professional services to clients by developing appropriate solutions to their needs;
  • contribute towards addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities;
  • reinforce government's initiative of development of small/emerging enterprises;
  • create opportunities for the professional development of its staff; and
  • render satisfactory returns on the investment made by its shareholders.

Mentoring programme

The Sonax Projects & Consulting mentorship programme has been set up with the objective of building the training and development of engineers, technologists and technicians as to enable them to register professionally.

The Sonax Projects & Consulting mentorship programme prepares candidates for professional registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as:

  • professional engineers
  • professional technologists
  • professional technicians.

The outcome will be the professional registration of staff participating in the programme. The programme is aimed at all staff members who obtained the relevant academic qualifications (B Eng, B Tech or N Dip) and who need to undergo a period of practical training within the workplace, in order to gain the necessary experience to enable them to successfully submit an application for registration.

Skills Development

Sonax Projects & Consulting skills development initiatives:

  • Two full-time civil engineering students at university, one of them black.
  • Sixteen staff members enrolled for post graduate/diploma courses, thirteen of them black of which two are female.
  • Two learnerships, one of them black.

Ownership of the company

 Sonax Projects & Consulting is a 100% black owned company.

Black management and control

Representation of black management on the Board of Directors amounts to 100%.

Black employment equity statistics

Black employment equity statistics are as follows: 

  • Management level: 100%
  • All employees: 80%


Sonax Projects & Consulting is committed to sustainable business practices with a social and ecological focus for our civil engineering work. We use sustainable design and engineering to minimize environmental impact and we understand the necessity to engineer infrastructure that lasts.

As increasing population density creates the need to build more, develop more, and transport more, our environment is under continued stress and impact.  Sonax Projects & Consulting is dedicated to developing and implementing sustainable practices and technologies that minimize the impact on our environment.

Understanding the need to develop sustainable or green engineering (focused on ecological and environmental impacts) practices and processes is a primary initiative for our training and development programs.  We recognize that growth cannot come at the risk to resources and ecology.  We are dedicated to the principles of waste minimization, corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship and impact, and leadership in energy and environment design (LEED).